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  • What is Cashback?

    What is Cashback?

    Cashback is a rebate or reward offered to customers for making purchases. It involves receiving a percentage of the purchase amount back as cash or credit.
  • How does CashbackCentral work?

    How does CashbackCentral work?

    CashbackCentral compares cashback, miles, points rewards, and coupons. We leverage publicly available data from portals like Azgo, Virgin Atlantic Shops, and others to help you maximize your shopping savings.
  • When and How can I use the Money?

    When and How can I use the Money?

    The tracking and payout process varies depending on the cashback site or portal you utilize. Generally, most transactions will be recorded in your selected portal's account within a few days and disbursed 4-8 weeks afterward. Subsequently, you can transfer funds directly from your wallet to your bank account or choose to exchange them for gift cards.

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